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The website that we are to analysis is http://www.thisfashion.com.sg/


Q: How do you find this site? (in 3 words)



Q: Who do you think the site is created for?

The site is created for visitor and customer to more about this shop “thisfashion” has to offer. Other useful information like the location of the outlet, the contact number and current promotion can be easily finding it from the site.


Q: What are the good attributes of the site ( in terms of usability, aesthetic issues, etc)

Although the site is relatively dull, there are some good things about the site. The way they present the site is actually neat and tidy and no trouble of navigating the site. The font they used also not too many only one font used.


Q: What are the bad attributes of the site?

The colour they used makes the font unable to see it clearly like the sub heading they use about 20% of grey. When light colour font display on an even lighter colour background, it makes thing a little hard to see it.

The font they used for the title (This Fashion) is actually not the same design colour. When design title or logo is different from what the shop banner is, it creates confusion to the visitor and the customer whether is it the same shop.

Some design like the layout is different; certain page having centralised some is not. Front size also not consistent.

The most obvious bad attribute of the site is the contact number from the different location of the outlet. The sizes of the font number varied and appear to be difficult to read.


My comment and thoughts

Overall, the website is very dull and boring. There isn’t any much information about the “This Fashion” shop which we do not really know what they are selling. Having a picture of a face and the title does not really show much, people might think that is a facial shop. There is only a couple of picture showing the shop however it is shot in a very bad angle with people in it. The design sense is apparently messy and unorganised. Since they have so many outlets, they should be creating a better website with better navigation and design that interest the visitor when they browse it so that it makes more people want to browse the site. It may be then make it appealing and professional in term of showing their product. As now, when I look at the website, it does not show any interest on me, the next thing I will do is close the browser.

i work on www.kckfood.com.sg



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Q : What is Browser-safe Color Palette / Web-safe Colors?

Browser-safe Color Palette only holds 216 colours out of a possible 256 (8 bit). Back to the olden days when most people have the first computer , the computer back then had a 8-bit graphic cards which compare to now is a huge different, and I mean it “Different” .

So if you are using an 8-bit graphic cards computer and surfing the net at that time, the internet browser only can display the color palette range below 256. It sounds so strange that even u have an 8-bit graphic card why the browser cannot displays in full 256 color?

In the past, researchers tested out some colour together and found out that certain color put together will cause dithering effect. They literally tested all of them with one another and came out with a set of 216 color and they advised to be the “web-safe” color palette. Moreover, out of that 216 color 22 color will be the “really safe” as it certainly shown without changeable even with the present graphic cards.


Q : Is it still relevant in today’s context?  Why?

NO, it is because in this modern society everyone using the most “IN” and advance technology. Now from 8bit graphic cards, it changes to 16 or 32 bit. I believe that it is safe to design without the palette since so few or hardly any computer users view the web in 256 colors anymore.


Q : What are the common fonts face found on PC & MAC?

The common fonts are also called or referred to “browser safe fonts”.

These are some of the common fonts,

Arial black
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Unicode
Palatino Linotype
Times New Roman (commonly seen)
Trebuchet MS
MS  Sans Serif


Q : What is page loading time and how it influence your design?

Page loading time is the time that takes the page to translate after you have click a link that you want. Depends on what you put for your webpage, it influence your design and also makes the loading time varied. File size maybe the one that causes how fast the page going to load. Take into consider, designing a web to the maximum page file size which will really take a reasonable amount of time to load. Expecting your visitor to wait till your web page loads is a wishful thinking. They would just move to their mouse to the top right hand corner and click the close button. In the end, no visitor will want to click your webpage anymore.


Q : Read about Web Design Process article above and write what you think about it  


After reading through the web design process article, I realized that there are a lot of steps in which to create a good webpage. Getting the steps by steps manner it really helps us to do our stuff fast and straight to the point without having to think about what to do next. These steps really help to organise our work better and save time. Even with that, it conveys us sort of like a professional web designer if you are not really good at it.

From that article, there are many ways to adapt from one of the processes. However, the common ones that appear are the design and production. These things are to take consideration of how well you do, analysis every aspect of how the design going to be evaluate and show it to the people creativity. At the start it is good to understand everything that we are doing as we are the ones working with it. In short, to realize what you are doing is the most important to designing a good webpage with a good workflow.

A good website is someone gives you a web address that actually takes you to their website’s home page. Then from the web it should recommend you to what the site offers in terms of information or other services. Moreover, the webpage that you click on the links should reach out to other sections of the site. More useful information and constantly updating to a website is also a good site to explore.

Q : What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource locator which allows the computer to identify the resource. URL is needed as to see is it accessible and ready for recovering it.

Q : What is IP address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. It is a numerical identification that clearly defined as an identifier for computer networks. IP addresses are stored as binary numbers. For example, or and each number can be zero to 255.

Q :What is browsers wars?

Browsers wars are competition for supremacy in the web browser marketplace. Present web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. These are the present web browser that most people use while other browsers were either inoperative or unable to compete with the other tough browser.